to the St. Vrain Blueprint website. This will be your one-stop shop for news and information regarding this project: the St. Vrain Blueprint - St. Vrain River Redevelopment Study. The goal is to explore and develop a vision for special public places along the Greenway in coordination with the river engineering project that will reduce the floodplain area along the river corridor.

Review the MARCH 2017 DRAFT St. Vrain Blueprint below! Let us know what you think.

Blueprint Intro TOC Forward March 2017

Blueprint Chap 1 Intro March 2017-small

Blueprint Chap 2 Vision March 2017-small

Blueprint Chap 3 Resiliency March 2017-small

Blueprint Chap 4 Greenway March 2017-small

Blueprint Chap 5 Neighborhoods March 2017-small

Blueprint Chap 6 Connectivity March 2017-small

Blueprint Chap 7 Balancing Goals March 2017-small

Blueprint Chap 8 Cost March 2017-small

Blueprint Chap 9 Implementation March 2017-small

Blueprint 10 Econ Analysis March 2017-small

Blueprint Aps 1-4 March 2017-small

Blueprint Aps 5-10 March 2017-small


An important goal of the study is to develop policies to guide future decisions about public investments in the area, to make sure they positively affect river corridor redevelopment. The study will also identify the potential for trail linkages between the Greenway and the Downtown, Twin Peaks Mall, Harvest Junction Commercial Center, Boulder County Fairgrounds, proposed Dickens Farm Park, and the overall city-wide trail system.

Improvements to key segments of the St. Vrain River corridor and adjacent properties will enhance and improve the quality of the natural environment within the corridor as well as have positive economic impacts for the community.

We will be working with a full range of citizens and property owners to reflect all of Longmont’s interests in this effort. Community meetings will be held during the study to solicit public input and feedback on ideas and recommendations.


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